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Welcome to ISAS website.

South Asia has emerged as one of the most dynamic regions in the world with fast-growing economies and deep democratic transitions. Being home to a fifth of humanity, South Asia is witnessing transformations that will have significant impact not only for the region, but for the world at large. At ISAS, we seek to be at the forefront of studying and understanding the South Asian phenomenon in all its complexity and enormity.

There is a commitment in ISAS to understand South Asia and reinforce the two-way flow of knowledge between the region and Singapore. ISAS offers intellectual space for the conduct of long-term and in-depth studies on social, political and economic trends and developments in South Asia, and their impact beyond the immediate region. In the short span since its inception in 2005, ISAS has gained visibility through its research, publications, events and collaborations with institutes and organisations in South Asia, and beyond. ISAS is one of the leading research institutions in South Asian studies, with a significant impact on the world of scholarship and public affairs, whilst meeting the needs and demands of its different constituencies, both local and international.

Moving forward, the institute will further intensify its research activities, enhance its think-tank capabilities, and raise its public profile as a socially responsible institute. It is poised to scale to even greater heights as it strives to become a premier research institute on South Asia.

The ISAS website is an important avenue for reaching out to our constituents and the larger global audience with the aim of engaging them, creating greater awareness of our work, and for disseminating our research and publications. The website, with its user-friendly features, provides timely updates on ISAS' research, publications and events.

We hope you find the information in our website useful and relevant.

Warmest Regards,
Professor Subrata K Mitra

Last modified on 26 August 2015