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ISAS Research Team
Dr S Narayan
Head (Research); and Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Email  : snarayan43@gmail.com
Dr Amitendu Palit
Head (Partnerships & Programmes); and Senior Research Fellow
Email  : isasap@nus.edu.sg
Mr Shahid Javed Burki
Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Email  : isassjb@nus.edu.sg
Dr Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury
Principal Research Fellow
Email  : isasiac@nus.edu.sg
Professor Chilamkuri Raja Mohan
Visiting Research Professor
Email  : isascrm@nus.edu.sg
Professor John Harriss
Visiting Research Professor
Email  : isasjch@nus.edu.sg
Professor Riaz Hassan
Visiting Research Professor
Email  : isasriaz@nus.edu.sg
Professor Robin Jeffrey
Visiting Research Professor
Email  : isasrbj@nus.edu.sg
Ambassador See Chak Mun
Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Email  : chakmun_see@yahoo.com
Lin Chung Ying
Email  : lin_chung_ying@mfa.gov.sg
Dr Razeen Sally
Visiting Associate Professor
Email  : sppmrs@nus.edu.sg
Dr Md Mizanur Rahman
Senior Research Fellow
Email  : isasrmm@nus.edu.sg
Dr Rajesh Rai
Senior Research Fellow
Email  : isasrjr@nus.edu.sg
Dr Ronojoy Sen
Senior Research Fellow
Email  : isasrs@nus.edu.sg
Dr Sinderpal Singh
Senior Research Fellow
Email  : isassss@nus.edu.sg
Dr Shanthie Mariet D'Souza
Research Fellow
Email  : isassmd@nus.edu.sg
Rajeev Ranjan Chaturvedy
Research Associate
Email  : isasrrc@nus.edu.sg
Laldinkima Sailo
Research Associate
Email  : isasls@nus.edu.sg
Rahul Advani
Research Assistant
Email  : isasra@nus.edu.sg
Zaara Zain Hussain
Research Assistant
Email  : isaszzh@nus.edu.sg
Chandrani Sarma
Research Assistant
Email  : isaschsa@nus.edu.sg
Jayant Singh
Research Assistant
Email  : isasjs@nus.edu.sg
Rinisha Dutt
Research Assistant
Email  : isasrd@nus.edu.sg
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