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Latest ISAS Publications
ISAS Working Papers
202: Identity, Interests and Indian Foreign Policy
Rahul Mukherji, Honorary Senior Fellow and Head (Research), ISAS
22 March 2015
ISAS Insights
278: New Neighbourliness in India-Sri Lanka Ties
P S Suryanarayana, Editor (Current Affairs), ISAS
20 March 2015
ISAS Insights
277: Modi and the Indian Ocean: Restoring India’s Sphere of Influence
C Raja Mohan, Visiting Research Professor, ISAS
20 March 2015
ISAS Insights
276: India’s New Budget: Changing Course without Controversy
Amitendu Palit, Senior Research Fellow, ISAS
2 March 2015
ISAS Working Papers
201: TRIPS and the Balance between Private Rights and Public Welfare: The Case of Pharmaceutical Sector
Deeparghya Mukherjee, Visiting Research Fellow, ISAS
27 February 2015
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