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Latest ISAS Publications
ISAS Insights
259: India’s Consolidating Media: Three Growing Tigers and ‘Generational Roulette’
Professor Robin Jeffrey, Visiting Research Professor, ISAS
24 July 2014
ISAS Insights
258: Sino-Indian Dialogue: Re-Configuring the Basic Agenda
P S Suryanarayana, Editor (Current Affairs), ISAS
22 July 2014
ISAS Insights
257: The BRICS New Development Bank: Beginning of ‘New Development’?
Amitendu Palit, Head (Partnerships & Programmes) and Senior Research Fellow, ISAS
22 July 2014
ISAS Insights
256: Modi Government’s First Indian Budget
S Narayan, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, ISAS
15 July 2014
ISAS Special Reports
19: India’s Current Macroeconomic Situation
Duvvuri Subbarao, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, ISAS
8 July 2014
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