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Internationalization of
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ISAS Insights
261: Obama’s ‘War on Terror’: A South Asian View
Shahid Javed Burki, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, ISAS
19 September 2014
ISAS Working Papers
195: The ‘Missing Women’ in India
Riaz Hassan, Visiting Research Professor, ISAS
19 September 2014
ISAS Insights
260: By-Election Blow for BJP
Ronojoy Sen, Senior Research Fellow, ISAS
19 September 2014
ISAS Briefs
344: Beyond the Japan-India Symphony of Sentiments
P S Suryanarayana, Editor (Current Affairs), ISAS
5 September 2014
Priority Bilateral and Plurilateral Relations for India
18 September 2014
ISAS - UNDP GCPSE Seminar: Integrating Decentralisation with Civil Service Reforms: Did it Work? Experience from Pakistan
12 September 2014
Book Launch cum Panel Discussion: Whither Pakistan - The State of the Economy, Challenges and Response
29 August 2014
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