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31 October 2014
ISAS-DARPAN Panel Discussion: A Walk in the Woods: The Rebirth of Regional Cinema of India
Multiple Speakers
3.15pm - 5.30pm
Call for Papers
Internationalization of
Business Groups:
Illustrations from China
and India'
ISAS Briefs
347: Jayalalithaa’s Post-Bail Options and Outlook
S Narayan, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, ISAS
21 October 2014
ISAS Working Papers
198: India’s Popular Culture in Southeast Asia
Rahul Advani, Research Assistant, ISAS
8 October 2014
ISAS Working Papers
197: New Maritime Silk Road: Converging Interests and Regional Responses
Rajeev Ranjan Chaturvedy, Research Associate, ISAS
8 October 2014
ISAS Insights
265: Modi’s Major-Power Diplomacy
P S Suryanarayana, Editor (Current Affairs), ISAS
8 October 2014
Mega-City Situation in India and the Contextual Relevance with the Andhra Pradesh Experience
20 October 2014
India’s Experience in Counter Terrorism
17 October 2014
Role of Transparency and Accountability in Ethical Governance
16 October 2014
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