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ISAS Internship Programme
ISAS offers research internships to Singapore students interested in furthering their research on South Asia. The internship is intended to nurture greater awareness amongst students so as to develop their understanding of contemporary

political, economic and social developments in South Asia. Interns must be able to demonstrate a deep interest in South Asia preferably with a foundation of tertiary level South Asia courses, and participation in South Asian events and lectures.

A comprehensive training plan will be drawn for interns, consisting of the following:

Assignment of supervisor, who will be aware of the interns professional aspirations, and accordingly guide and assess the intern
Interns will be required to complete a written project during the period of internship
Interns will have the opportunity to participate in seminar and researchers meetings.

Interns will need to complete the requisite intern application form following which there will be a nomination process undertaken by ISAS Human Resource.
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ISAS Internship Programme