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ISAS Research Team
Mr Shahid Javed Burki
Designation : Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Email : isassjb@nus.edu.sg
Tel : (65) 6516 4239
Fax : (65) 6776 7505

Mr Shahid Javed Burki was educated at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar and at Harvard University as a Mason Fellow. He spent most of his professional life at the World Bank where he held a number of senior positions, including Director of China and Mongolia Department (1987-1994) as well as Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean (1994-1999).

Mr Burki took leave of absence from the Bank to take up the position of Pakistan’s Finance Minister (1996-1997). He is currently Chairman of The Institute of Public Policy, a Lahore-based Pakistan think-tank. Mr Burki resides in Washington.

Area of Interest and Expertise
My areas of research are development economics in general and the development of China, Latin America and South Asia in particular.
Current Research
I am currently working on a monograph tentatively titled South Asia in the New World Order, accepted for publication by Routledge, London.
A weekly column published in Dawn, Karachi.

Business Times, Singapore

The World's Glass is Three-quarters Full (published on 30 March 2010)

How China May Deal with Inflation (published 11 February 2010) China’s Four Phases of Growth (published on 26 January 2010)

The Impact of China’s Second Rise (published on 11 August 2009)
My three recent publications are Transformation of a Socialist Economy, the Case of Cuba; Pakistan: A Historical Dictionary; Pakistan’s Economy under Musharraf.

On Development:
First Things First (With Paul Streeten and others), Oxford University Press, 1981.

Globalization: An Agenda for Policy Analysis (with Joseph J. Savitsky). Washington, D.C., Emerging Markets Partnership, 1999

Changing Perceptions and Altered Reality: Emerging Economies in the 1990s. Washington, D.C., The World Bank, 1999.

Transformin Socialist Economies: Lessons for Cuba and Beyond, (with Daniel P. Erikson), London, Palgrave, 2005.

A Study of Chinese Communes, Harvard University Press, 1969

On Pakistan:
Pakistan’s Development Priorities: Choices for the future (with Robert Laporte), Oxford University Press, 1980.

State and Society in Pakistan 1971-77, London, The Macmillan Press Ltd, 1980

Pakistan: A Nation in the Making, Boulder, Col. Westview Press, 1986

Pakistan Under the Military: Eleven Years of Zia ul-Haq (with Craig Baxter), Boulder, Col., Westview Press, 1991

Pakistan: Continuing Search for Nationhood, Bloulder, Col., Westview Press, 1991

A Revisionist History of Pakistan, Lahore, Vanguard Books, 1998

Pakistan: A Historical Dictionary, London, Scarecrow Press, 1999

Pakistan: Fifty Years of Nationhood, Boulder, Col., Westview Press, 1999

Pakistan: A Historical Dictionary, Third Edition, Lanham, Md., Scarecrow Press, 2006.

Changing Perceptions, Altered Reality: Pakistan’s Economy under Musharraf, 1999-2006, Karachi, Oxford University Press, 2007.

On Latin America:
Development in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Challenges of Reform (with Sebastian Edwards and Sri-Ram Aiyer). Washington, D.C., The World Bank, 1997

The Long March: A Reform Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean in the Next Decade (with Guillermo Perry). Washington, D.C., The World Bank, 1997

Development in Latin America and the Caribbean: Poverty and Inequality (with Sri-Ram Aiyer and Rudolf Hommes). Washington, D.C., The World Bank, 1998

Beyond the Washington Consensus: Institutions Matter (with Guillermo Perry). Washington, D.C., The World Bank, 1999

Development in Latin America and the Caribbean: Decentralization and Accountability of the Public Sector (with Guillermo Perry). Washington, D.C., The World Bank, 2000.
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