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ISAS Insights
270: Sri Lanka and Europe: Then and Now
Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury, Principal Research Fellow,  ISAS
30 October 2014
ISAS Insights
269: A New Kind of Partnership: Social Media and Governance in the Modi Era
Rahul Advani, Research Assistant, ISAS
30 October 2014
ISAS Insights
268: India ‘Looking East’ via Military Diplomacy
Jayant Singh, Research Assistant, ISAS
29 October 2014
ISAS Insights
267: ‘Make in India’ – The Future of Indian Manufacturing
Deeparghya Mukherjee, Visiting Research Fellow, ISAS
29 October 2014
ISAS-DARPAN Panel Discussion: A Walk in the Woods: The Rebirth of Regional Cinema of India
31 October 2014
Mega-City Situation in India and the Contextual Relevance with the Andhra Pradesh Experience
20 October 2014
India’s Experience in Counter Terrorism
17 October 2014
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